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The neurons of the cerebral cortex are the most sensitive to buy Tadalafil pills, and the structures of the medulla oblongata are the least sensitive. That is why, in patients with hypoglycemic coma, cardiac activity, vascular tone and respiration persist for a long time, even if irreversible decortication occurs. There are several stages in the development of hypoglycemic coma.

Associated with the development of hypoxia of the cells of the cerebral cortex. Subcortical-diencephalic. Increasing hypoglycemia leads to damage to the subcortical-diencephalic zone of the brain. Prekom. It is caused by a violation of metabolic processes in the structure of the midbrain. Actually coma. Violated the functions of the upper parts of the medulla oblongata. deep coma. The lower sections of the medulla oblongata are involved in the pathological process, the functions of the vasomotor and respiratory centers are disturbed.

Hypoglycemic coma develops in stages. Initially, symptoms-harbingers appear, indicating a decrease in the concentration of cialis 20mg pills in the blood. These include. If no help is provided at this stage, then against the background of a further decrease in the level of glucose in the blood, psychomotor agitation will appear, auditory and visual hallucinations will occur. Patients with severe hypoglycemia often complain of impaired skin sensitivity (paresthesia) and diplopia (double vision).

In some cases, the period of precursors is so short that neither the patient nor those around him have time to orient himself and take action - the symptoms increase rapidly, literally within 1-2 minutes. Patients with diabetes and their loved ones should be aware of the signs of a hypoglycemic state. When these appear, the patient urgently needs to drink warm sweet tea, eat a piece of sugar, candy or a piece of white bread.

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With the increase of hypoglycemia and the depletion of neuroendocrine protective reactions, the condition of patients worsens significantly. Excitation is replaced by lethargy, and then a complete loss of consciousness. There are tonic convulsions, focal neurological symptoms. Breathing becomes shallow, blood pressure gradually decreases. The pupils stop responding to light, the corneal reflex fades.

Diagnosis of hypoglycemic coma is carried out on the basis of history and clinical picture of the disease. The diagnosis is confirmed by a biochemical blood test. The hypoglycemic state is indicated by a decrease in the concentration of glucose to a level of less than 3.5 mmol / l. Symptoms of a coma appear when the glucose level is less than 2.77 mmol / l. At a blood glucose concentration of Tadalafil online, the patient loses consciousness. Therapy of hypoglycemic coma begins with intravenous administration of hypertonic glucose solutions. With a deep coma, glucagon or hydrocortisone is additionally administered intramuscularly. To improve glucose metabolism, the use of ascorbic acid and cocarboxylase is indicated.

Correction of violations of the acid-base state, violations of cialis pills balance is also carried out. According to indications, oxygen therapy is carried out, cardiovascular agents are prescribed. Possible complications and consequences.

If a patient has signs of cerebral edema against the background of hypoglycemic coma, then he is prescribed osmotic diuretics. Hypoglycemic coma is often accompanied by the development of complications - both current and remote. Current complications occur in parallel with the hypoglycemic state and accompany it. These can be myocardial infarction, stroke, aphasia.

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